Monday, April 1, 2019

A Favorite Data Talker: Dylan Wiliam

Gosh...It is difficult to a get a clear 10,000 foot summary of the current state of educational research. Yes...Yes... I know you lose a lot at the 10,000 foot level, but it provides a great starting point on helping one prioritize. I've found this talk particularly helpful. Summary 'take aways' for me are below.


Take Aways
- Can't tell good teaching from short observations. (Why spend so much time in interview process? How can hire more strategically?)

- I like the emphasis on developing expertise.

- Interesting chart on calibration

- Good summary distinction between what

Doesn't Work - Smarter people in teaching, paying good teachers more, learning styles, copying other countries.

What Might Work - Differentiated instruction, Social/Emotional Aspects of Learning, Educational Neuroscience, Grit, Growth Mindset

What Does Work A Bit 
- Firing Bad Teachers, Charter Schools, Vouchers, Class Size

What Does Work - Curriculum Improvement, Formative Assessment

- Good summary of the Nonaka and Takeuchi model on Internalization and Externalization.

Other talks by Dylan I have appreciated:

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