Friday, January 17, 2020

SVMI - Keepers and Musings

2019 - August - Chicago

2019 - September - Lawrence

2019 - November - Brooklyn

Lewis Rosenblack
Internal Coherence
Lean to Write, write to learn
John Mayor 

2020 - Online

SVMI Notes 5/12

Time to climb
Have a few post-it already done.

Collaborate on a google side together

Jamboard to do card matching

Nearpod is easier to import google doc and presentation and integrate.

Make a card sort without the cutting

2013 and older use in virtual classroom

When do you use a Desmos when do you use Nearpod?

Is there a assessment platform that you like?

2020 - November - San Fransisco 

  1.  Have a bag of situation (word problems) cut up onto color clips of paper. Linear one color, quadratic another, cubic another. Put them in a plastic baggie with "Situation from reality" on the outside cover." Have students sort them by colors and answer what to the colors have in common.
  2. Have a procedure list on what to do when you are stuck. See Brooklyn.

  3. "Teach at the speed of learning"
  4. Tyson": When you have a question who do you ask?
    Student: "You."
    Tyson: "No, start with the person around you."
  5. Good Phrases
    1. Tyson: "I hear what you are saying... I hear what you are saying...."
    2. "Welcome the challenge."
    3. "We all need critical friends"
  6. Add quote section to the daily warm ups " - change weekly or monthly
  7. Have a power-points that takes a context (say linear) and with animations, highlight the slope, then have that be highligted on the graph, table and equation. Try a definition of slope as "The ratio of change."
  8. Great conversation starter with students. When having a conversation about the below the instructor bullet pointed key math words on the board that students were about to reference as the lesson went on.
  9. Other scatter plot ideas:
  10. Hey! go backwards. you write the context: "What story could you write that would match this graph?"

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